Choosing the Right Tree Removal Service

Professional Arborist

Living in a humid area makes planting a tree a necessity. But an overgrown tree can be a hazard to the surrounding houses, pedestrians, and vehicles. And removing the tree by ourselves is often not a safe option. Not only do you put your life and your house in danger, but also you put others too. A carelessly cut tree branch can easily fall to your neighbor’s roof. Imagine the cost they will claim from you. It is better to hire a tree removal service.

What are the most dangerous conditions?

Tree and Power GridFirst, a tree might grow as tall as the neighborhood’s utility poles, or even taller. In such situation, even cutting a small branch of the tree can be damaging. An improperly cut tree branch can fall to the utility pole and cause electrical disruption and start a fire.

Second, a weathered tree might look alright from the outside, but it possesses a time bomb. Any time the wind blows strong enough, the barks or the branches can fly to the surrounding area. The signs of a weathered tree are withering leaves (dieback), darkened and molting barks, mushrooms growing on the base of the tree, an appearance of cracks and splits.

When you have a big tree with either or both of above conditions, never take matters into your own hands. You need professional help.

License is vital

Professional Tree RemoverDifferent states have different regulation on tree removal businesses. In Virginia, for example, the state does not regulate tree removal as a business with a set of specified criteria. So, any tree removal contractor just needs to register their business, and they are already legitimate.

But if you are still not sure, you should check if the service you are going to hire employs ISA-certified arborists. ISA stands for International Society of Arboriculture. Certified members need to have a three-years of experience in tree care industry before they can get their license.

Employing a licensed service will make you still covered by your property insurance. But in case you do not have any policies, some tree removal services also offer their own protection. Braddock’s Tree Service, for instance, has been in the tree care business for 15 years legitimately. The State of Floride covers and gives insurance to their business. If there is any mishap and you experience financial loss, the service will take the responsibility.

Estimating the cost upfront

Stump RemovalYou don’t just call a tree removal service and get the bill later. If you work with the wrong guy, they will drain your wallet. The cutting itself might cost you no more than $200, but the cleaning of the tree debris, removing the stump, log splitting is another story. Here is the estimated cost for them:

  • Wood chipping, around $100
  • Stump removal, $400
  • Log splitting $100

Some services offer price estimation so that you can spend your money wisely on the service.