Different type of flooring for your home


The home is the place where one goes to every evening. It is their sanctuary, a place to unwind, relax and take a rest. For many homeowners, they want to have their unique style of decor whether interior or exterior and furniture. Part of this is the flooring of the home. The kind of flooring one does in their home will enhance the appearance and finishing of the room. Choosing the kind of flooring for the various rooms may be far more complicated. This is especially so if you are not aware of the different kinds of flooring that are available. Other factors that may affect your choice of flooring is durability, moisture and cost. Below are the different types of flooring that one can consider buying for their home.

Flooring for your home

Ceramic flooring tiles


This kind of flooring is best used when one is looking for a waterproof type of flooring. Ceramic tiles are used as countertop tiles, indoor floor tiles around the house, bathroom and washroom and outdoor tiles. The finishing of the tile will vary from glazed, embossed and textured to prevent slipping. One needs to look for high-quality tiles and be aware that low-quality tiles may cheap and offer poor value. Likewise, the grout line that joins the tiles may be a drawback when it comes to cleaning.

Hardwood flooring

This is a favorite kind of flooring. It brings an earthy and luxurious feel to the home and is durable. One can have different types of wood flooring in the home that will achieve different textures and feels. This could be Pecan, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Beech, Walnut, Pine, Hickory, Birch. Wood flooring are easy to clean, wear-resistant and sturdy. They can be refinished and sanded many times making it durable. The drawback is that this kind of floor can expand or shrink depending on the season and temperature, this may create gaps on the floor surface.


This is a popular kind of flooring. Carpets are available in different sizes, color, pattern and design to suit ones home. They bring a cozy, warm feel to a room. One of the drawbacks is that they get stained fast and even with vacuuming there can be hidden dirt contained.

Marble flooring

nxzjxjxjxxjxjMarble tiles are used in this type of flooring. These tiles are considered the most durable and versatile to use and can be used on walls, floors, hallway columns and walls. The tile are easy to clean and maintain. They are available in different stylish engraved textures and designs that can suit one’s taste and room style.

With the above information, one is well armed to choose the type of flooring that will suit them best to complete the decor of their home.