Six Hints To Stay Safe When Renting An Apartment

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In the ideal setting, you can just check into your accommodation and enjoy your extended trip. Sadly, we are not living in a perfect world, and if you choose to rent an apartment or other executive housing rentals, you must make sure that you know how to protect your property and safety as well. Proper planning and lots of caution will go a long way to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. So what should you know? The following hints will help to ensure your safety when moving into rental apartments.


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Avoid welcoming strangers

You and your kids should never allow a stranger into your rental apartment without confirming their identity. For this reason, it’s essential to lock the door and ensure that the deadbolt or chain is in position. Take advantage of the peephole everytime a person is knocking on your door. Even if the person standing on the outside is wearing a uniform, it’s a grand idea to request hem to produce their identification documents before you open the door.


Lock up valuables

The chances are that you have lots of valuables with you. It suggested that you keep your valuables like a beautiful watch, laptop or tablet out of sight. If you are not using them, then make sure that you keep them where neighbors or visitors cannot find them easily. You can purchase a lockbox, but it might not be that necessary. In most cases, not letting others know where you have kept your valuables is enough to prevent threats.


Lock the doors

Locking the doors might sound so apparent, unlike other hints. However, you will be shocked to find out that most people fail to close their doors as well as windows when leaving their residence or retiring to bed. Don’t be like them. Instead, make sure that you lock your windows when you are not around or sleeping to reduce your chances of getting robbed significantly. Thieves will take advantage even of the slightest opportunity, and when they come to an open door or window, they will rejoice.



Yes, you heard me right! Even if you will be renting the apartment for a whole year, it’s essential to ensure your belongings. However, this doesn’t mean that you cant get benefits from the insurance service provider. Renters insurance will help you avoid a wide range of issues that include theft, damage to belongings and much more.


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Secure your wheels

If you have a bike to make the process of moving around a breeze, you should not forget to invest in a high-quality chain and padlock to help you lock the bike when it’s not in use. If you have a ride, then make sure you close all of its doors at all times and activate your alarm system afterward.


Install an alarm

Your rental apartment should have an alarm system in place. Besides, the entire building should also have an alarm system to alert tenants of issues like fire. Mastering the sound of the alarm will make sure that you move to a safe location in case of any danger. Visit for more about apartment rentals.