Choosing the Best Chairs for the Productive Rooms


The productive room here is a coined term to refer to either the study room or the workroom built inside of the house. Thanks to technology, we can now all be productive while not being tied and restricted to certain places. Students can do their projects at a cafe, as long as there is an Internet connection. A designer can work on projects as long as he can gain access to electricity. But most of all, regarding the flexibility for us to do our jobs today, isn’t it more tempting to do all of those assignments from home?

However, working from home might make us lose track of time. And worse, the bad posture we impose on our bone structure while sitting is worsening our health over time. For a workaholic, it is important to pick the seat that can give you professional comfort. Here are factors to consider when choosing an office chair.

Working-hard on a chair

The ergonomic design of the chair

Ergonomic design means that the design will give ultimate comfort and health benefit to the user, with the intention of increasing his/her efficiency at work. A seat with poor quality cushioning causes a terrible backpain. If left untreated for a long time, the condition can lead to spinal disc herniation. It is a medical condition where the nerve in the backbone gets pinched between the vertebrae disk. In that situation, working is no longer an option, and the damage can be permanent. After all, working behind the desk is not entirely free from risks.

Back-pain from working

Office seats that can prevent back-related health issues are the ones that have back support system. Some chairs have support structures for both upper and lower back, while the others just have a support structure for the upper part. If you spend more than six hours sitting, investing in top rated chairs should be your primary objective. They might cost you some money, but they are good for the long-term effect.

Ergonomic design is intended for people with normal backbone structure. If you have ever been diagnosed with minor scoliosis, spending hours on a conventional office chair can be harmful. There are office chairs specifically designed for people with scoliosis. The lumbar support and the headrest are able to distribute pressure evenly so that your back will not get tensed and strained.

The material of the cushions

impact on hard chairThree cushioned parts of a chair are the seat pad, lumbar support, and the headrest. Even if a seat may appear as excellently designed at first glimpse, the design is useless without the right cushioning materials.

The best cushion for a professional seat is a memory-foam, and the quality of a work-chairs’ memory-foam depends on the mold and the thickness. The material does not sink when faced with a heavy object. When you sit on it, it absorbs most of the body weight so that your spine will only get the slightest pressure.

The durability of the chair

comfy&durable chairPrefer work chairs that are made of steel or metal for the structure. Most plastic-based chairs degrade over time, and it can make your office look dirty. Besides, a poor quality spine-support can snap anytime, which is dangerous for you.

It is better to spend money on chairs that are really worth it than spending less and getting a low quality chair in return.